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Solo Exhibition

  • Date: 27/10/2020 10:00 - 18/11/2020 18:00
  • Location: SOOHOH GALLERY (Map)



“We are all unique but, somehow, we are all connected to each other.”

I don't know who it is but the dark shadow is simply there, in the small street.

I deliberately passed on by but I was curious; why was it looking up at the sky. It's familiar.

What happened? All of a sudden the dark shadow is gone. The order given through familiarity is broken, and mind and thoughts become busy.

And when the dark shadow reappeared, order was restored. Seeing the dark shadow once more was like an agreeable reacquaintance.

We are those who approach, stay, and pass by with conscious actions and unconscious habits.

We encounter strangers, but by chance or inevitability, or through deliberate efforts, imprint our “identity” on others.

At the same time, they instinctively reveal their desire to find some thing in common.

We accept the uniqueness of others who come with their various personalities, appearances and these hold clues to a possible relationship. Society is like a big picture, created through the entanglement of both you and me.