I studied initially at the University of the Arts London, at Chelsea College of Arts and the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Following that I attended The Glasgow School of Art and completed a master’s degree in Interior Design. My final thesis in Glasgow was ground-breaking in that my creation of ‘ a personal space’ for those suffering from a fear of flying, made unusual use of various fabrics. Linked to this I illustrated my work with hand-cut paper art. My work split opinion between those who criticized it for not conforming to traditional interior work and those who regarded it as trailblazing.

   I communicate and explore my beliefs and principles through the medium of paper-cutting. A key element of my work is all about shining a light on groups of people whom we often see only in the margins of society.

   My paper-cutting is a means of communicating, of promoting enjoyment & developing an understanding among as many people as possible. Although my art is available to all, my stated goal is frequently to highlight specific issues of concern and interest to minorities whose voice is not always heard. I aim to challenge my audience wherever possible.